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Friends Forever

Date : 13th September 2006
Time : 13.15hrs

This song was inspired by a friend of mine. But I've written for every single true friend of mine...

I will always remember you
For the tears that you spilled
I will always remember you
For the sandwiches we made
Like a demon in daylight
You stole my happiness
Made it your very own
Flying higher than this

The food that we shared
The mountains we climbed
The valleys you bore with me
So caringly...

You are my friend for life
Of this I am sure
You hold the cup I gave
Will never let it go
You be my little thief
Till death gives us eternity
You are my sacrifice
In my friend for life

I will never remember you
For the wasted years
I will never be able to
Think on them for long
Tasting heaven and hell
Was the cherry of our thing
Breathing in each evening
Under the starlit sky

The streams that have flowed
The stones that have rolled
The scenery has shone
So brightly...

--- Chorus ---

Forever is too far away
I want something I can see
To have and to hold
Everyday I pray
Never will you be gone
Never for a time
Always you will be
Keeping this day alive

--- Chorus ---