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Date : 13th September 2006
Time : 02.15 hrs

Can't you see the world twisted in pain
A hungry dog searching for empty gain
Sweat pouring down an obscure face
Lord, is this what you have made?

A millionaire upon his velvet throne
Hungry for more of the poor man's own
Hungry and wealthy, a wretched combine
Lord, do you think this is fine?

Look at the world crucified now
Thorns of misery crowding our thoughts
Work that we do nailed to a tree
Hearts pierced and overflowing...
With love?

The industry tycoon with his boon
Giving us all the age-old bone
Wagging our tails to his tunes
Lord, could I ask for less?

The blooming young starlet
With golden hair and fairytale eyes
Talks of beauty and nakedness
Lord, what do you want from me?

Look at the desert flooded with glory
Sands of time flow freely now
The honey that tastes bittersweet
No riches here for mercy...
Or love?