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So That You Know

Date : 13th September 2006
Time : 02.45hrs

This song I wrote for one of my dearest childhood friends, Paul D. On the eve of his 22nd birthday. Hope we have many more 'dear' years to share, PD...

I've been thinking about you
And I wanted you to know
That I wouldn't be here without you
I know this to be a surprise
Yet I'll say it again twice
Just to make sure

All those times when you watered
My dreams and aspirations
Have made me today
To what I am

If you were to leave me
Right here in this now
I wouldn't want to stay
Living without your love

I've been thinking about you
And I know I have hurt you
I couldn't be saying this to you
We've learnt and we've grown
But there's a part of me
That still aches for you

You joke, you crack, you irritate
I laugh, I scold, I agitate
Still you are today
Worthy in my life

You pick me up and throw me away
Teaching me what I never knew
Flying over the moon
Heading for the stars

I've been thinking about you
Believe me when I tell you so
This love was never mine to give
It'll always stay yours to have
And I'll say it again
Just so that you know
You mean more than this song to me