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Famous Part 2

Date : 14th September 2006
Time : 13.15 hrs
Please take a look at Famous Girl before going through this... Cos this is the second part of that song, you could say. Thank you!

Made famous by a friend of mine
Been seeing you everyday
Nobody told me, nobody knew
That I'd be writing this song for you

Enticing the very egde of fame
I'd really like to know your name
Give it to me now or give it to me then
Please don't make me a chicken hen

Nothing about the famous I do know
Nothing that ain't anyways on show
Beauty is one thing, but style is another
Lacking you're not; in the one you can train

My friend may have erred; may have really stirred
Ugly demons of beauty unseen
Nonetheless he is stained and clean
Don't take my word for what may mean

Dear Miss you may think you know
About guys and girls and candystores
Telling you how this ain't the show
There's more to this than plain eye candy

I believe in heaven and I believe in hell
You were made in a better place
This earth may not be home to you
Stay and bring down the roof

A thing of beauty is a joy forever
A person, that maybe a different matter
Still inner beauty is paramount
Of all things that in this world abound