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Dinner With A Man

Date : 7th December 2006
Time : 00.25 hrs

On Saturday, the 2nd of December 2006, I had dinner with ... someone whom I would consider as a leading person in the Christian music scene in India. I expected him to be all "Yo!" and "up-there-in-the-stars". However, he was more "Ya!" and "down-here-on-earth". Anyways, I was really touched by the experience. He is so simple, unassuming and with a pretty decent heart. All unexpected.
I thought I was gonna be having dinner with a rock star (or something like that!). But I was wrong. I ended up having dinner with a man...

(For the more musically inclined, this song is one of the softest songs I've ever written. All it's got to have backing it up is a guitar being plucked. You know... Except mebbe for the BRIDGE part. There, we would require heavier synth effects and such. I'm still waiting for the guy who's gonna be playing this...)

Dreams are for rookies
Rookies with experience
Living my score of years
I've never seen a single true
Yet sitting beside a ball of flame
You thought was more than you
Gives me feelings I don't know
Feelings that do not show

Silent and plain
Skin stretched over bone
That's all he laid to claim
Yet upon me shone
A light from deep within
Echoing a Father's call
Giving me grace for sin
That's all I had in time...

For dinner with a man

Maybe you're a dreamer
Maybe you're a rock star
Maybe you've had your chances
To make them what you are
Yet still you have a choice
A life within your voice
Calling out your soul
Beyond the ten-feet pole

Silent as rain
Shadows overthrown
That's all He's ever slain
Eternally He shone
A light that's all around
Take you past the priest
You've the opportunity
An invite for eternity...

For dinner with a man

Bridge :
I don't understand
The comples theories
Of food and wine and dinner sense
Solving my mysteries

Why sit at a table
To deal with the evidence
Linking every fable
With the hand of providence

(Yet) This time I know
A being more like mine
A chance to reach the stars
Walk beside the line
Sitting on a chair
Looking for a care
Makin my place bare
Takin what he bore...

For dinner with a man