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Beyond The Veil

(Mishtu's Song)

Date : 17th December 2006
Time : 20.55 hrs

I wrote this song solely for Mishtu, as she's getting married. She's been a real awesome friend. And she always will...

A road to walk upon
From heaven above
A walk to remember
From your sweetest love
Loveliest of many
Many with lesser thrills
Topping pride and envy
A shot at the stars

Shining eyes and wavy hair
A head full of my silly cares
I'll love you now like I love you always
Don't drop the curtain...

Beyond the veil

Looking at my past
I thought there was a future
Crushed hopes did bloom
Your love has kept me warm
Birthing an evil baby
Killed untruth of holiness
Blessed is the duty
That called me to your side

New brown eyes and awesome hair
A head of many different airs
I've loved you now like I always will
Open up the curtain...

Beyond the veil

Moving to a better now
Taking what you strive
Give me another cow
I'll kill it and make you cry
I'm a double melody
Can't sing when I'm alone
When you see me at the veil
Will it be as for now?

Blood-red soul and fiery heart
Thoughts that drown me out of sight
I'll never love another as I do now
I'm waiting in the wings...

Beyond the veil