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The Kutty Song

Date : 31st October 2007
Time : 05.15 hrs

From Amritha Vidyasagar to Ammu Kutty to Amkutts to Kutty... She's been regularly renamed as whim and fancy overtook family wishes. She's awesome. She's a friend. She's Kutty...

Like the sun coming out after the rain
Like a flower that kills the night of pain
Breezes that cool a dusty face
God has kissed her, in tight embrace

A kutty bit of love; A kutty bit of pain
A kutty bit of joy, Just a kutty bit
A kutty bit of God; A kutty bit of you
A kutty bit of everything nice...

Like a friend watchin over your needs
A blessed hand to hold your own
Love and grace are bygone days
Kutty's now the new-day phase

This looks good; This feels good
This looks right; This feels right
This is awesome fun...

PS: If I'm found dead after publishing this song, please contact Monsieur Anup P G for details of demise.