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I Wish

Date : 7th November, 2007
Time : 18.05 hrs

A song about a mistake that was made... :-(

You're looking like a fool
And there is nothing we can do
To undo; the wrong, you went through

You're feeling very bad
And we know what's done is done
But still; we pine, for what went wrong

Oh I wish there was a way, to turn back time
I do wish someone could've helped you out
This is life to be lived without regrets
And I wish I was there, jus to compensate

I don't want you to be fooled
And I don't want your regret
To fill; your days, with sorrow

I want you to forget
And I know that you can't yet
Its too soon; for that, for tommorrow

Love bleeds when life hurts
So fill it up with
Anything but regret