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I Love You

Date : 8th December 2007
Time : 00.15 hrs
Right from when I was a kid, the words "I love you" have meant so many different things. And right now, they're meaning way more than they have ever meant before... Yet, I know that they will continue to take on new meaning with each new day. One of the joys of being God-created human beings, I guess!

There was a time
When those words meant something else
A furtive look; a whispered word
I love you meant
You look away

There was a time
I used to think of them
As things that made butterflies
I love you said
Yet tears unspoken

There was another time
These words were set on fire
Used by one for one
I love you filled
The air around with steam

It means so many things
At so many different times
Things we can't figure out
Things we won't figure out
But this I must mean today
When I love you me doth say...

There's a future in my head
And you're a major part of it
You're the lead actress, you're my queen
There's this dream upon my soul
A beauty I behold
A vision of loveliness
With you standing by my side
I'm whispering
"I love you"