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Dan - aJCfreak, Dude 4 Christ

An evening breeze. The setting sun. The love of the Father divine.
A cheery morning. The rising sun. The blessedness of all things divine.
A lovely day. Spent with people. The beauty of life.
Some love to live. Some live to love. Others do both; at times.
The memories kept. The secrets shared. Life is cruelly true.
The chances missed. The regrets kept. Tears upon the dark room floor.
Lovely things. Special things. Great things. No things.
Life must be lived by one and all.
How we choose to live it, is our business.
How we are affected by it, is others' business.

- Myself, 13th April 2008.

Hello everybody and welcome to my site. In case you're wondering, my name is Daniel Divyakumar H., but I prefer to be called Dan. This site is not "my window into the world"; rather, this site would be the world's window into me. I also like styling myself as aJCfreak. The JC stands for Jesus Christ. This is because I simply love Jesus and I am taken by the concept of being a Jesus Freak as sung by dc Talk.

I started this website on the Tripod service since they offered free and simple-webname hosting, back in 2004. That was the year I decided to put up my written songs on the net for people to access and read; I haven't yet found a band to record them, maybe I never will. I simply want to help people, if I could, through my songs. My writing and creativity are skills that our good Lord has given me; to date, He is the most creative person and the best wit-ted person I know (He is also a lot of other things; ask me, I'll tell you).

This site exists to allow the world a birdseye view into the creativity that our God has bestowed upon me; if you like it, great. If you hate it, I'm sorry. If you're touched by it and inspired or helped in any way at all, then our God be praised! (Yep - those are heaven's hallelujahs ringing out!)

Most of all, I'm a sinful man and a trying-to-walk-by-faith believer. If not for His grace, I'd just be a sinful man. Maybe worse.

"To God be the glory, great things He hath done." Amen.
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