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Wanna Say...

Date : 8th January 2004
Time : 20.00 hrs
To my JC.

Ever since You came
Into my life
Slicing my past, away
Like a knife
I've been wanting to say
A big thank you
I've been meaning to say
That I love You

And the feelings well up inside
And I think I will abide

I wanna say I need You
I wanna say I trust You
I wanna say I'll depend on You
I wanna say I adore You
I wanna say I feel You
I wanna say I'll never leave You
Just wanna say I love You

Every time that I
Come to Your throne
I find that You've left
No unturned stone
I've been waiting to say
How good You are
I've been wishing I could
Show You my heart

And Your waves wash over me
And I'm falling to Your arms

Loving You like I've
Never loved before
Giving You all I've
Held back till now
I've been giving You just
A backseat pass
Now I'll give You more
A backstage pass

And the tears come down profuse
And I want my sin diffused