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The Unsaved Saved

Date : 1st March 2004
Time : 15.15 hrs
We, as Christians, go through life living as if Christ's death means nothing at all. This song typifies those who think they are saved, but never really are. Please get to know JC immediately.

So sure of yourself
You think you know the way
Living right off the shelf
Always movin' to the sway

I can hear you say (that)
Jesus is the only way
Never really knowing
Who He is today

Take a moment to think
Are you sure today?

What about the souls of the
Unsaved saved?
Who is reching out to them?
What about the souls of the
Undone done?
Who is gonna love them all?
We're called to save
The Unsaved saved...

Clockwork Sunday; go to church
Say it out - Praise the Lord
Realising never - the deeper
Darker truth inside

All the right places you go
All the right things you do
But truly, madly, deeply do you love
The One who made you as you are?

Never truly mind
What you've done (or)
Where you've been
All that matters (is)
What you'll do (and)
Where you'll go