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Devil's Dance (Satan's Song)

Prequel to "Dancing With The Devil"

Date : 4th April 2004
Time : 2.30 hrs

Wrought from the substance
That time itself knew not
Brought to the dwelling
Of the one and true God
Was the angel of light
The morning star or Lucifer
I was the second-best
Now I blur the views
Of every human pest

Verse 1:
You think I'm bad?
I think I'm good
You'll make me glad
If you think I'm God
Is what I aim at
Make you think you see
Who's trying to bat
Give me a penny
And I'll make it a pound
But give me your all
And I'll make you a hound

I lie; I cheat
And of course I deceive
I kill; I slay
All those who believe
I live; You die
Dear mortal man
I give; You take
All that you can

Verse 2:
I live today
And die tomorrow
Why care anyway
'Cos tomorrow never comes
So reign with me now
'Cos you'll reign anyhow
If you wonder why
Better sooner than ever
Life is a party
You're either out or in
A friend am I truly
So I'll get you in

This policy of mine
Quite a simple one
Crude give and take it's not
Give and give it is
I give once and
I give twice
And all you need
Is to take my advice

I ask nothing in return
Except for one thing
Which is a simple price
The price of a cross
Paid on Calvary
The reward for ruling
Beside the Prince of the world
Is to dwell with me
In Hell below
I need your soul
To make my home

So wait for me
On that death-bed of yours
I'll come and take you
To that home of mine