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At The End

Date : 5th November 2004
Time : 12.00 hrs
The chorus of this song actually came into my head on the 18th of September. I didn't quite get it at that point. Only later, as I wrote the lyrics did I get it fully. This is a nice mellow number, with kinda the same beat as MWS' "Friends" ... Just the beat... NOT the tune!

All I'm asking for's a sign
Of You, me and mine
Would You be there for me
At the end of it all

If I take the narrow road
And reap where You sow
Will Your hand be holding mine
At the end of it all

I would go where You want me to go
I would do what You want me to do
If I can know for sure
That I am forever Yours

I would spite the evidence
And scorn the consequences
Of putting my trust in You
If we're together when we're through

I would climb any mountain
Delve into any deep
I would face the fiercest monster
To see You at the end

I would walk through any fire
I would sail into any storm
If I know that the harbour
Holds my dearest love

At the end
I'm gonna see You in all Your glory
At the end
I'm gonna love You for eternity
At the end
We'll begin all over again
Just You and me
Face to face
Hand in hand
Hearts entwined...