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Hey God!

Date : 14th September 2006
Time : 13.30 hrs

The unborn baby dies
In the vessel that was to bring
A new man by your side
Killed before resurrection
A million to lose had he
A penny to gain does he
Kid starving in hunger
Vulture waiting to kill

Hey God!
Can you hear this melody
As sombre as the world you made?
Hey God!
Can I get you some water
Please take no time and answer

Waves of misery after
The jolt of earth beneath
Shock and grief to follow
The wave from far away
Birds that kill hundreds
By setting foot on ground
The widow sees her master
Staring in the river

Hey God!
Is this what you are
A jilted lover out for revenge?
Hey God!
Do you need some more water?
I got places to go (& hide!)

I will not see the prodigal
Struggling home after the fall
I will not see the destitute
Healed by some love and grace
I will not see the orphan
Held together by faith
I cannot see the work you do
Cos I will not see the cross that bore ya

Hey God!
Is this all what you can do
Some wood, some thorns, nail bits too
Hey God!
I'm lusting for an answer
While you kill the silence

While you are silent... And die...