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To Be

Date : 17th September 2006
Time : 11.30 hrs
Inspired by the message of the Pastor at the Sunday service at Indira Nagar Methodist Church, Bangalore. The first word of the song is straight from the message... And the whole song was inspired by him. I really thank God for using him to bring out this work of art. I love the song. Awesome rock tune too...

Reverberating voices
In the fountain of my soul
Hair for many faces
Bald from want of care
Standing in this desert
I'm reaching for my home
I leave my very being
Searching for one more

Take me out of the temple
Out past the streets
Beyond what I know is true
Beyond the beach
Take me out where I may find...

Chained by the light
Darkness does not hide
Walking without a question
Answers come running by
Commanded by the heavens
Shunned by the world
I am a million pieces
Multiply me by one

God wants me to be
Something that may need
A thundering applause
When the course is run through