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The Haunting

Date : 13th December 2006
Time : 10.24 hrs
After crucifying 'hope' upon that lonely hill it continues to haunt the living me from deep within the grave... This song is about that haunting.
Musically, this song is not a mournful song; but it is not a happy song, either. It should be sung fearfully... Hoarsely... It should begin with some knocking/high-sounding bell-ringing type... And then move into the spoken part, which is then followed by a single synth instrument and the vocal for the chorus... Then the rest of the song kicks in.

He's been dead for millenia, yet I hear his daily call...
The voice from deep within,
from beyond the grave
to resurrect the man of all joys...

Wake me, in the middle of the night
I am sleeping; I am sleeping
Don't give up, I can win the fight for you
Quit weeping; STOP THE WEEPING!

Fear of the known
Withers my dead soul
Chilling to the bone
Fire from a coal

Awaken the dead
Noise like a song
Unlike this masterpiece

Cloud over the warmth
Shields me from the path
Dejected, found yet hidden
I do service with a smile

I danced upon the grave
A folly that I saw
It shows upon my face
The evidence of waste

Bridge :
Hope can never die
He lives within the grave
A ghost within the well
An evil straight from hell

Memory is unclean
Washed with the blood
Yet stained with a sorrow
Thorning me for a tour