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Date : 12th December 2007
Time : 03.30 hrs
Another example of how we set out to write one song... And end up with another. All in all, this is an awesome song of adoration. It brings us face to face with the fact that we are NOT worthy at all for Him. Yet, He picks us up and says we're worthy. How cool is that? I love Him!

You are worthy
To be offered a perfect life
You are worthy
To call him Your son
You are worthy
To be praised by someone more than I
Yet Lord, I stand, head held high

Life is not worth the living
If we hadn't been freed from sin
Life is not worth the mention
If we are not living temples

I am broken, I am bruised
I am so many other things
The one thing that I'm not
Is a worthy son of God

You make me worthy
To bring you this sacrifice
You made me worthy
When you shed your blood
You call me worthy
When I fall face to the ground
And Lord, I fall, with teary eyes