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Before You Go

Date : 17th August 2008
Time : 15.00 hrs
Lyrics : aJCfreak, Smitha D Gnanaolivu, Amritha Vidyasagar, Renji V
Music : aJCfreak, Amritha Vidyasagar, Renji V

This song was written over a period of a few weeks in August. It started off as Two Tears, but then evolved into this one over time. It's a farewell song for Merwin James as he left us (and HP) after two years of knowing us, working with us, etc. I was dying to include Hindi into one of my songs, and felt that this was perfect for this song, as Merw is pretty much a hindi dude himself.

Huge thanks to Smitha D Gnanaolivu (who patiently translated and helped us over the phone), Amritha Vidyasagar (who patiently loaned her vocal chords and her grey matter for the project) and Renji V (who put up with it all).

When you leave
Don't take all you've given us
Don't shed no tears
It ain't worth it, bro

Tum jaa rahe ho
Hamare yaadon mein
Aise cha gaye ho ki
Hamare aansu bhi suuk gaye

Before you go (Jaane se pehle)
One thing left to say
Will we meet again (hum kab milenge)
Two tears left to shed
Before we die (Marne se pehle)
Three things left to do
Pyaar, umiid aur aansu

Before you go
Take me with you

Two tears fall
One for you, keep plodding on
One for the day
We shall meet again

Ek bhaat humne bhataye
Dho aansu bhak gaye
Tum kary kar gaye
Hum ek din phir milenge

Bridge: Speed bird you are (Tum hai)
Immortal in our hearts (Dil mein)
Praying God (Prarthana)
Keep us still alive (Rakhna)